Bean Salad, Two Ways

With TPE not feeling at her tip-top, she was requesting something light on the stomach.  That screamed out “lentil salad” to me — simple, fresh flavors and the digestive ease of French lentils.  After perusing a couple of favorite cookbooks, I settled on a recipe that had some diced peppers, squash, and red onion.  I steeped the lentils in veggie broth with a splash of white wine, salt, pepper, and a bay leaf.  Add in some fresh sage and parsley from the backyard, olive oil, red wine vinegar, feta cheese and you have a mighty fine bean salad.

The problem with it was that I was going to still be hungry by the end of dinner and probably ravenous by the time The Child was in bed.  Short on time, I decided to put together a guacoamolesalsabeansalad-thing.  Avocado, yellow onion, garlic, tomato, blackbeans…olive oil, salt, pepper, and lime juices mixed up, and I had a dish that TPE wouldn’t eat but that I would.  Oh…a little bit of cumin and cayenne, which is the real source of her objections. All in all, it worked pretty nicely and would’ve done even better with a bit of corn in there, but I didn’t have any that wasn’t in a can (pass on the can tonight…I’m trying to break my canned veggie habit).

I didn’t think it was possible to be full with just bean salads.  And, in fact, it wasn’t.  But two bean salads?  That’s the stuff!  Yeah, they didn’t really go together in terms of their flavor components, but they went well in my stomach.  Most importantly, TPE not only liked the lentil salad but seemed OK with the idea of a bean spread/grilled veggie burrito with a version of purred black beans.  Maybe later this week…

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