After last evening’s rather heavy fare, I thought all of our stomachs could use a break.  I was thinking about something seasonal too.  The perfect recipe for this scenario was panzanella, a lovely Italian bread salad.Although the Italian’s apparently use this as way to use up aging, crusty bread it does not have to be seen that way.  I was thinking of it as a method of delivering vegetables to TPE in a way that would be pleasing to the eye and the stomach.

I took my panzanella in a clear Mediterranean fashion.  The onions were red, the peppers were bright green, a locally grown cucumber that was sweet, and some tangy tomatos. There were also some Kalamata olives and capers added in for more punch.  I added in about 6 oz of mozzarella to give a little bit of protein (plus TPE loves her cheese).  It was finished off with basil from the herb garden, red wine vinegar, and a Spanish olive oil.   The bread was a local, organic product from our co-op.

The result was very good.  I was a little worried that TPE might not be a big fan, in no small part because you can’t make the vegetables so small in this that you can’t taste them.  Its a very vegetable front-and-center dish.  But how wonderfully refreshing on a hot day.

If you make a panzanella, I will say this — use good olive oil and a very, very nice bread. Most recipe’s I’ve seen call for cibatta bread, but I’ve had good luck with any crusty bread.  And while this dinner took all of about 10 minutes to make, its better if it can sit for a while and let the flavors blend.  Each bite offers something completely different.

Let us know if you try one!  I strong recommend it…I’ve never

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  • Jane a.k.a. Picky Eater  On June 7, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Very good dinner honey! Thank you. Definite do over.

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