Black bean enchiladas

Earlier this week I made the black bean and squash enchiladas that were featured in my Guest Recipe from last week. Its a really nice recipe, but I had some trepidation about making it for TPE. She’s only had one experience with squash so far. It was an OK experience with squash, but with her its always hit or miss. I was also a little concerned because most of the flavor in this recipe comes from various chili powders, and TPE does not tolerate heat in food very well. I figured I’d try adjusting it for her tastes and go from there.

All in all, I’d say the experiment was a success.  TPE not only liked it, but she had seconds.  The squash (and zuchinni…I mixed it up) wasn’t really mushy and retained its texture, but she still really liked it.  I managed to get enough flavor in the recipe by playing with cumin, salt, and cheese (some of these aren’t part of the original recipe) for both of us, while keeping the heat in the background.  I imagine that those of you who have different tolerance for heat would be able to adjust as necessary too.

Probably the most interesting part of all this was that she came out of the experience saying that the black beans are her favorite.  That surprised me a bit because just last week TPE was adamant that black beans were not high on her list of things to each and that she didn’t really want me to force them on her!  This is quite a relief to me, because different beans mix with different ingredients.  If we were really going to limit the different beans that we could eat, it was going to be a problem for me because of my need for variety in my diet.

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