Father’s Day Respite

One of the many wonders of Father’s Day is that I’m not expected to do anything.  That includes cooking, even though I keep telling them that I actually enjoy that.  However, my female family members really outdid themselves today.  I consider it one of my favorite days since She-Who-Hums graced us with her presence almost eight years ago.

  • A three course breakfast “cooked” by SWHs.  Scrambled eggs, followed by a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and capped off by yogurt sprinkled with fresh blackberries.  She’s no Thomas Keller, but she loves doing this and its very sweet.  I ate every bite.
  • A lot of gifts, even though I told them not to give me any.  Included were a freezable mug that said “King of the Castle”, a World Cup T-shirt, and some nice coffee.
  • A short (2 hour) trip to the local beach.  Its really more a hill with a little bit of sand and lake water, but its what we have to work with.  We saw many of SWHs friends there, which means we saw some of our friends.  Always fun!
  • An hour of quiet time.
  • Lunch, also prepared by SWHs.  This was a special “double decker” ham sandwich (I’m not personally a whole vegetarian yet).  Again, every bite was eaten.
  • About three hours of games, including a very competitive game of UNO and a number of rounds of Boggle (a great game for younger kids by the way).
  • While SWHs got her shower, I read about 40 pages of Bob Shurm’s (self-serving) memoir of running Kerry and Gore’s failed presidential campaigns.
  • A dinner of spinach filled lasagna made by TPE, a lovely salad with greens, and a fresh berry mixture.
  • A movie with SWHs, while TPE took her shower and performed her endless post-shower ritual.  (Note: I can only do the ritual justice if you can watch the full-feature action I have to go with it.)  The move was The Fabulous Mr. Fox and it was fabulous!
  • A vanilla ice cream cake (neither of them eat chocolate, if you can believe that) followed by three rounds of Double Shutter, a counting game also good for kids.  Fun too.

In the midst of all that, I got no whining, very little crying, and over an hour of World Cup action.  There were no children’s shows and very few claims of “I’m bored.”

What a perfect day.

What did you for your Father’s today?  And if you’re interested, here is an article in today’s New York Times that suggests men are now feeling more stress than women in families.  Maybe, maybe not but it shows that many of us do care.

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  • mrr  On June 22, 2010 at 6:14 am

    So i’m completely blown away by your Norman Rockwell day, and am not going to tell DH about it, because I’m afraid he might find too much to identify with in that NY Times piece 🙂 We were up far too late the night before, and he had to drag himself out of bed to take one to football, another to bday party, and a store run for the last can of beans. And on top of it all, it was so sunny (in England!!) that he ended up with a red face and neck… (I, on the other hand, fought with R all morning – not exactly lounging around…)

    At least we spent the most beautiful afternoon possible at a lovely barbecue with colleagues and kids, at a house that opened straight onto Port Meadow, an idyllic setting. And more enjoyable socializing than I thought possible in the UK.

    But write your day down in the memory books, it sounds amazing 🙂

  • sdmcclurg  On June 22, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    It was just a wonderful day, no doubt!

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