The End of the Hiatus

I hadn’t planned on taking two weeks (or so) off from the blog, but its what happened.  Life intervened.  We were so busy that I was hardly doing any cooking at all and I’m sure that you’d be bored to tears by me extolling the virtues of Little Ceasar’s pizza (there are none).  Do have some ideas for blog posts bouncing around my jumbled head, so stay tuned.  Here’s a preview

  • The Vegetarian “Option”
  • What the Heck is CVS (The Disease, Not the Pharmacy)
  • Why Do Insist on Not Making Quick Dinners?
  • Is Macaroni and Cheese Really a Vegetarian Dinner, Or Does She-Who-Hums Run Our Household?
  • Eat Out is Hard to Do
  • I’m Thinking About Being Less Fat

So stay tuned!

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