Goodness no, I won’t be posting about Rachel Ray.  She’s fine and all for what she’s trying to do, but I don’t have much interest in what she cooks.  No, I’m going to post about dinner last night and for once an annoying TV aphorism seem to fit the bill.

The menu last night was pizza (three kinds, of course…stupidly, or course) with peach galettes and homemade vanilla ice cream for desert.  TPE has not been feeling well of late so I needed something that would fit her sickly-stomach.  At the same time, I finally had some time to cook and was inspired to use the fresh peaches and ripening tomatoes from our Farmers Market.

Nothing comes easy in this house though.  TPE loves my homemade crust, She-Who-Hums (seriously…she’s sitting here humming as I type!) despises and detests it.  So, she would only agree to homemade pizza if I bought a Pilsbury crust (which I find atrocious).  With that under my belt, my plan was something like this:

  1. Get the crust for the pizza done, let it rise.  My uncomfortable relationship with yeast notwithstanding.
  2. Get the ice cream in the freezer to set.
  3. Make the galette crust.  Easy breezy.
  4. Cut the peaches and make the filling.
  5. Pre-heat the oven.
  6. Fill the galettes and put them in the oven.
  7. Get the toppings ready for the three pizzas.
  8. Cook pizzas.

A good plan, right?  I think so.  However, if you happen to let your yeast dough rise in your oven, its important to remove it from said oven before engaging in step #5.  I forgot that important detail and almost lost a bowl, crust, and house in the bargain.  TPE even asked me if I knew that you couldn’t put plastic bowls and towels in the oven.

Anyway, aside from that minor disaster things went very well.  Here are the highlights:

  • The filling for the galettes was sliced peaches, a TB of flour, and sugar.  Once on the galette, I drizzled it with honey.  If I were very adventurous, I might sprinkle a little rosemary on there sometime for an herbal note; other ideas?
  • She-Who-Hums had a three cheese pizza.  With olive slices.  It makes me want to vomit, but she seemed happy.
  • TPE’s pizza was straightforward — some sauteed mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella and parmesan.   It was surprisingly flavorful with a nicely textured bite.  Next time, I’m going to use a little basil puree to season it a touch more.
  • My pizza was an adaptation of one from Deborah Madison’s cookbook.  There was no sauce on it, save for some (good) olive oil.  I layered it with diced tomatoes (rather than cherry tomatoes), sliced and sauteed zucchini and squash, some caramelized onions, a little mozzarella, and 6 oz of goat cheese.

The pizzas turned out really well, as did the galettes.  But the highlight of the meal probably was the ice cream.  I used 2-parts heavy cream and 1-part milk to increase the butter fat, and added a couple of egg yolks.  It was awesome.

As a side note — Madison’s recipe for pizza dough is the best one I’ve found yet, particularly for this climate.  I strongly recommend it.  I added about 2 TB of sugar too.

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  • Barb  On August 16, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Your pizza sounds great to me. I do like olives though, but the black ones on pizza;

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