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Pathogens, Pathogens Everywhere

Lots of links about food safety today.  There are articles about egg safety, a meat recall, and the potential for passing better regulations.


Salmonella Outbreak

On the off-chance you haven’t seen it, there is a significant salmonella outbreak in the United States right now.  The source seems to be eggs.  This guy seems to be the main source of the infected eggs.  He sucks.

Its About Animals, But…

An excellent story today in the NYT about a limits on factory farms. Good news, if you ask me.

Not For the Weak of Stomach

Ever wonder whats in your processed food?  (H/T to Track Keck)

We only check for some e coli?

This from today’s New York Times,

For three years, the United States Department of Agriculture has been considering whether to make it illegal to sell ground beef tainted with the six lesser-known E. coli strains, which would give them the same outlaw status as their more famous cousin. The meat industry has resisted the idea, arguing that it takes other steps to keep E. coli out of the beef supply and that no outbreak involving the rarer strains has been definitively tied to beef.

They’re considering making it illegal?  The meat industry resists the idea?  No one in our house is a vegetarian for political reasons, but what reasonable person would put profit over human safety?  Unbelievable.